Somewhere deep inside, something’s got a hold on you And it’s pushing me aside, see it stretch on forever And I know I’m right for the first time in my life That’s why I tell you, you’d better be home... Read More

Stockyards.... Read More

Sometimes, you grow things that are just begging for a face. #gardening #goldenzucchini... Read More

New Beginning (Again)

We gave notice to our foster agency that we are officially switching agencies and programs. I was honest and straightforward in my letter about the issues we’ve struggled with and some of the reasons why we are making this transition.... Read More

Not sorry. @shawnaskinosie... Read More


Last night at training, we heard stories about children fleeing Central America to escape organ harvesters, and of child soldiers in Uganda. We heard that there are 90,000 children expected to cross the border from Mexico into Texas this year,... Read More

Birthday champs with peanut m&ms. It’s less delicious than I’d expected. Still not gonna waste it. @shawnaskinosie might like this.... Read More


You know you’re old when you go to a weekend long seminar for your birthday. What a blessed weekend with wonderful friends! 39 looks to be a good one, moving onward and upward at breakneck speed. #icandoit2014... Read More

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