He says, “Two puppies is a whole lotta puppies!!!” #animalrescue #dogfoster... Read More

Looks like we probably have two teen boys from Eritrea coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks on Friday. This will be a new life experience!... Read More

Our love of foster care extends beyond the human race. Puppies for a week, y’all!... Read More

Car Seats?

Mommy and Daddy friends, I have to replace SB’s car seat. I was rear ended last night, and am okay, but we need to replace the seat as my car got pretty crunched. Right now I have the Radian. SB’s... Read More

Moving Past Blame and Into Action

I’m sure my readers have noticed that I’ve been getting more and more immersed in this tide of unaccompanied immigrant children coming across our border. I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures by now. If you haven’t, go Google. I’ll... Read More


tumblewieds: Now I’m posting political rants on Facebook. This can only end poorly. This means that people who want to see me shame politicians online should be my Facebook friend. Message me. It promises to get messy, since I live... Read More


Now I’m posting political rants on Facebook. This can only end poorly.... Read More

Grateful, grateful for a husband and children who give me time and room to follow my heart and passions. They give up time with me and pick up extra chores so that I can help hurting children, and this is... Read More

Mind. Blown.

Holy shit. I grew potatoes.... Read More

Hey guys!

Want to follow along while my dad liveblogs his trip to Tanzania? Read More