Funny story. Hubs has been madly resistant to SB moving to his toddler bed. My mom and her side of the family sent it as a gift, and have all been chomping at the bit for us to open it and put it together. I figured we could just put it in his room and set it up alongside his crib and slowly transition him into it over a few months. Hubs was just adamantly against it, but he really couldn’t name why. SB does sleep well in his crib, but I thought we could just see how it went, without pushing him one way or another, and eventually he’d end up in his toddler bed. Last night, Dozer finally begged Hubs enough to put it together. We put blankets on it and set it in his room.

SB has now taken his nap and gone to bed for the night in it easily, ASKING for his “carcar bed” each time. He refuses his crib. I am going to laugh if this is the easiest crib-to-bed transition we’ve ever had!