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Protected: Testify

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.... Read More


I did nothing of any measurable value this year. Having recently quit my contract job, I was perfectly poised for a endemic lockdown. Mostly, I became one with my couch, learning to knit while miles and miles of cashmere, wool,... Read More

Fallow Fields

I thought I lost myself for a minute. Inside the pressing needs of blending a family and all of the space that came when leaving a job that no longer served, a pandemic swept me off my feet and into... Read More

The Snake House

When I was a child my grandmother would take me to the zoo. She packed a thermos of lemonade, soft warm peanut butter sandwiches, and wet washcloths in plastic bags for cleaning the grime of the day from our hands.... Read More

On Becoming a Mother

It is said that to have a child is to forever allow your heart to be walking around without you in the world. How could I know at twenty that I would be the universe and stars to a fat-cheeked... Read More

Weaving In Ends

I was thinking last night that perhaps yarn has saved my life. This sounds dramatic, but feels true. I taught myself how to crochet in 1998 using an old library book while heavily pregnant with my second child, sitting on... Read More

Chapter Two- The NICU

You never forget the moment you meet one of the loves of your life. When the phone rang, the man from child placement on the other end of the line said, “Ma’am, I suppose there’s been a mistake. Are you... Read More

Chapter One- Mountains

Fire safety plans, lists of rules and consequences, tax returns, bank statements, transcripts, medical records. There is a mountain of paperwork that comes with a license to foster. There are hours of classes in which you are given information that... Read More

Three Eggs

*This is the first in an installment of a series I intend to write about my five years of experience as a foster mom. In August of 2010, I found myself suddenly in Tanzania on a bus full of high... Read More

I was not a perfect foster parent.

When my former husband and I got licensed as foster parents in 2010, our license came with big plans. Inspired by women I met in a foster care support group, I planned to love the parents of the children placed... Read More