I’ve been quiet because there’s been a lot going on. Last week, before I left town, I finally dealt head on with the strange texts I’ve been getting from unknown numbers asking about Sugar Biscuit. The person claimed to be SB’s birth dad, but it felt really, really yucky. I’d ask for proof, they’d go quiet. Finally, on the advice of our former CPS worker and our attorney, I put a call into SB’s birth mom’s probation officer. Turns out, it’s a new PO who was unfamiliar with her case. I briefly described the situation, and we compared notes on phone numbers, but they didn’t match up. However, later on in the day after speaking with the PO, birth mom called the PO, and basically told on herself by repeating info to the PO that was in a text from me. Birth mom also confirmed what we’d suspected, which is birth dad has been sharing info about our son with birth mom, violating our previous agreement (and negating any possibility of future contact). The PO called me back having read the file, and agreed with my level of concern about the situation. According to the PO, who is furious this is going on, birth mom is violating her no contact order, and I was advised to go to the police and the DA that handled our case. Turns out, the order doesn’t contain the right verbiage for them to be able to do anything. And our lawyer can’t do anything without proof that it was birth mom, of which we don’t have the right kind. So, all we can do is what we’ve done, which is to tell the strange random number that we will file a restraining order if the contact continues, and pursue legal action. So, all that to say at this point, and from now on, birth dad will not be allowed to touch base with us in any way, at any time. It’s sad, but its necessary to protect our family. When I say that birth mom is someone who would, on a whim, be capable of committing horrific acts of violence, I am not exaggerating. And if birth dad isn’t willing to see the danger, and protect SB for us, I will step in and do it. And I have. Intuitively, it feels as if birth mom is spiraling, and things are really falling apart for her right now, and as I told the PO, she is at her most dangerous. We’ve stepped up security here. Do I feel like we are in grave danger? No. But I do feel like I need to keep my eyes open and my ears attuned as we move into the next chapter, one free from any communication with my son’s family of origin.