New appliances being ordered today! It’s pretty cool that my husband sells these things for a living, because I’ve been spoiled by using great products for cooking, and it’s been hard since we’ve moved into the new house. I realize this is a first world problem. But when you love food and cooking, and are used to using awesome supplies, it stinks when you don’t have them. 

I so think it helps get a better result in the kitchen when your tools are good quality, from knives and cookware to ovens and cooktops. In our experience, what works the best is, for the most part, GE products. You get more bang for your buck. Not Viking (which is just awful product with a big name tag), or any of that stuff. I did love my Wolf oven, but because we are stacking a GE Advantium over our oven, we esthetically want a GE Monogram oven to match. Adding in a new gas Monogram cooktop and the new GE fridge that dispenses instant hot water and a vent that will actually move air and has lights in it brighter than 25 watts. We already replaced the dishwasher with a Bosch, and it’s been rocking my socks. Can you say YAY!?!

I can’t wait!!!!!