Last night, I dreamt I was in this instuitional type place. Like an old community college or hospital. I was there, waiting, and got bored, so started wandering around. I went to this door that had a window in it, and on the side of the door was a piece of paper. It was a chart of sorts, listing some of SB’s birth moms criminal acts, and also part of her medical history.  On the bottom it read:

-Oxycontin Use

-Drug Overdose 02/06

As I was reading more, S (birth mom) came to the window. She was wearing either a hospital gown or prison clothing in white. She looked out at me, I apologized for being there, and backed away. 

We all know I have intuitive dreams, and this was one. There’s a difference between a dream that’s simply a dream, and one where I’m being given information. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I’m guessing it’s not good. February 6th seems to be an important date, so I will keep my ears open. I’m assuming SB’s bio dad will call me if there’s information I need to know.

One thing I do know now, is that when the birth dad recently told me S was doing well, he lied. She can’t be doing great, working and getting a raise and a new position at work as he’d said, and getting evicted from the home she’s had for almost two years. 

It’s a tough deal all around. I am praying for her Highest Good to be served.