Perhaps the best part of furthering my education is the people I’ve met along the way. Teachers and classmates, fellow healers and seekers, have expanded my horizons further than I dared dream. One of my new soul brothers came all the way from Australia to stay last week, and left this morning. He blended seamlessly into our household and lives, as if he’d always been there. Having a fellow healer around was uplifting and inspiring. Watching the way he approaches the world refreshed and renewed my spirit.

Brother Ra says yes to everything. If something is offered to him, he takes it. When the Universe provides, he gratefully accepts whatever is laid before him. This is how he stays in the flow. Expectant and grateful, he goes where he is led, down the back alleys and sunlit sidewalks of life to new and ever expanding vistas. He lives one opportunity to the next, trusting that God will take him exactly where he needs to go, in the perfect vehicle, with the perfect passengers.

I’d like to think I do the same, but perhaps I don’t. Am I always patiently¬†waiting, a thank you on my lips, for the gifts I have in store? I think often, mired in my human-ness, I fail to see the offerings, the chances, fail to hear the call. And this is why it’s important to have people in your life that inspire and motivate you. It isn’t about comparison, but awareness- awareness of the strengths of our friends, so that we can challenge ourselves to rise to the next level.

So, I challenge myself. I want to be aware, to watch for new avenues, to always, always say yes, even when it’s scary as hell. To go where I am called, and leave no stone unturned. I want to do this with one hundred percent of my being. We only get to live this life once, and I intend to make mine stuffed full of experiences and wild, unabashed living, in a state of simply always, always saying, “YES!”