There are so many moving parts to an adoption, and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned through the adoption of The Brothers, along with Sugar Biscuit’s. I am probably going to have to come back and adjust this as I learn more, but here’s what I know now. I’ve listed the steps in as chronological an order possible, even though some of these things happen at the same time. Also, this is in Texas, so it may be a bit different in other states.

  • Parental rights are either terminated through relinquishment, or through a court proceeding. 
  • There is a 90 day waiting period for any family that hasn’t stepped forward to do so, and for the parents to file an appeal if their rights were terminated by a judge and/or jury.
  • After (and sometimes before) the 90 days, the case is moved to an adoption worker with CPS/DFPS.
  • A HSEGH will be done, the child will need a developmental/psych assessment and doctor and dental visits within a certain timeframe of the adoption, depending on age.
  • There is a presentation of the child’s redacted case file to the adoptive family. They get to read through everything and get all the information that CPS has on the child.
  • If the family decides to move forward, a presentation staffing is scheduled. This is where the family gets to ask any questions and get any additional information they may need on the child/ren. This is also the time to work out any subisdy issues that are involved and apply for subsidy.
  • The family must wait 24 hours before saying that yes, they for sure want to adopt this child.
  • If the family proceeds, CPS/DFPS does adoption placement paperwork, making the child an official adoptive placement.
  • During this time, a lawyer will be filing the petition to adopt, and any other necessary documents.
  • A court date will be set.
  • Adoption will be consumated.

If I’m missing anything, please message me. I want to have a complete list, because it’s such a daunting procedure, and I know how lost I felt.