My Babies:

A new school year is upon us, in this year of so many new beginnings. I know that three years ago, when we decided as a family to shake things up and offer our home as a haven to children who needed us, we never thought we’d be here. But here we are, in this beautiful new place, starting the rest of our lives together. All six of us 🙂

I want you each to know how very proud I am of you. H, your persistence and drive. F, your humor and caring heart. R, your willingness to help and your sensitivity. Sugar Biscuit, your sunshine ways and funny sayings. I want you to know I am sorry for my mistakes, but I am always, always fighting to do my best, and I hope that suffices. And I ask for forgiveness when it does not.

When I made the decision to become a mother, which I did when I was very young, it was with a family like ours in mind. My goal has always been to raise young people who would go out and make this world a better place, and with your help, I feel like I’m being successful. I know that when each of you are in the world, you are sharing your abilities and gifts. I know you are making our world brighter and shining light into the darkest corners.

And this is the greatest blessing a mother could ask for. All of you are my greatest, most profound gifts. With your quirks and your lumps and bumps, with your talents and the joys you bring, you fill my life with the deepest sense of accomplishment and pride. You, my sweets, make this life worth living. Even when you hate me, and strangling you sounds like a viable alternative.

And so it is my prayer for you, at the time of this great new beginning, that you continue to do what it is you do best. That each of you continue, simply to just be You. I pray that the friends you make illuminate your lives and realize what a find they have when you are at their sides. I pray that your girlfriends and boyfriends see the sunrise in your eyes and marvel at your beauty, inside and out, as I do. I pray that you find your way to work that makes you whole and ignites your passions, and that you always Do Your Best. I pray for safety, and for Grace, for that you ask for help when you need it. I pray you say thank you, loudly and often.

I am closing with this quote, because I find it to be good instruction for every day that we walk this Earth. You are my wild and precious babes. Make all your minutes count, because we never know how many we have.

“Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.”

Mary Oliver

With all that I am, I love you all,