My mother and father wrote precious letters to Flower, right before she was moved. We were all urging her to make good choices, telling her how much she is loved. I thought I would share them here, with their permission, and using the usual pseudonyms for my kids. Maybe someday Flower will find this, and realize how supported she was, and is. I’ll share my stepdad’s letter tomorrow.

Dear Flower,

I was excited to meet you when I was in Texas.  Sarah and John were so pleased to have you in their home.  I don’t know if you know this but Sarah is very attached to you.  She loves many things.  Gardening, cooking, taking care of her animals.  All very nurturing things.  But most of all she loves to nurture children.  She feels it is one of the reasons God put her here.  She speaks of you often.  She tells me what is going on with you and we talk about you just like we talk about Dozer, Stinky, and Sugar Biscuit.  You have become part of our family.  I can see that you have many big adjustments to make.  Coming to our country and adjusting to all of the new things.  Sarah would like to help you with this.  We would like for you to know that we are willing to help in any way we can.

You are very young and have experienced too many grown up things.  It is confusing for you.  I can tell you some things that are certain.  Sarah and John are good and kind people.  They can be trusted.  You can count on them.  They will not walk away from you.  But, you can push them away if that is what you want.

You have come to a big decision.  You are making big choices that will affect the rest of your life.  Just know and remember that you are safe and loved in this family.  We want only good for you.  Please choose safety and love.

I will pray for you.