I found your blog through the foster care tag on tumblr. Wow, an amazing woman you are truly. I am the result of a foster child, I was adopted by 2 loving beautiful people when I was 14, and they changed my life. What you are doing with your son, is changing his life and I hope every day you continuously know that. Both of my foster parents, have passed away in early July due to a caraccident, but seeing people step up and take responsibility like you, brings me hope, he will be forever grateful

Thank you so much for your kind words yours-truly-tiff! Sugar Biscuit stole our hearts and was our missing piece. Being his mother, as well as the mother to my other children, is an honor and a joy and most of all, a privilege that I do not take lightly. 

I hope that in the future, Sugar Biscuit doesn’t experience the angst and pain that other adopted children can feel. I know that I am going to have to explain the choices and circumstances that led to us hiring a lawyer and doing what we felt was best for him, and I hope he understands our reasoning. 

Adoption is a complex, often heart-wrenching issue fraught with breathtaking moments of joy and indescribable love. I wish that more people in our world could open their hearts and minds to children who simply need a loving set of arms.

I am very sorry about the loss of your parents. My thoughts are with you.

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