Just for the record,



it’s my personal opinion that celebrating when a parent relinquishes their rights or has them terminated is in really poor taste. A child has lost their parent, a parent has lost their heart. No matter what circumstances surround the dissolution of a family, no matter the level of dysfunction or brokenness, a primal bond has been severed. It’s not a cause for celebration. #fostercare #adoption

Now do you consider celebrating the actual finalization of adoption as celebrating the TPR?

I just ask because if we do adopt these two I don’t know yet if I want to have a party(we did for my siblings) or not.

But, I agree, the actual fact of relinquishing or losing rights is definitely not a celebration

I consider the party to be for the kid being adopted, a sign that they are so joyously welcomed into the family. Also, for us, a party was to show appreciation for the friends and family who walked the long, hard road with us, and a symbol that we were finally done and could rest for a while. There was nothing joyous or celebratory about the circumstances that led Sugar Biscuit to us, but there certainly was reason to celebrate the melding of him into our lives forever. 

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