We put our names in the hat for a six year old boy yesterday-

He speaks minimal English, and is currently separated from all his four siblings. All five kids are in different homes. They are trying to place them in homes that can work with the language barrier and that can all work together to keep the siblings in contact. I doubt he will come to us, and I’m hoping they can place them all together or at least in groups so none of them are alone. We have lots of friends and family who speak fluent Spanish, so I am confident we can overcome the language barrier. CPS is looking over all the options and we will hear something next week or so if they need us. 

On the other hand, we now know everything we need to do to in order to get trained to be a respite provider for Catholic Charities and their refugee and unaccompanied minor program, so we are starting that process next week. So many options, so many roads. It will be really cool to see where we end up, and with whom.

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