• All the snots are happening here. All of them. But cold meds make me feel like I smoked crack, so… It’s my essential oils and hot baths and a neti pot. 
  • Laundry must be put done and put away. 
  • I hired a teenage mom friend to come reorganize and put away all the Christmas crap. It’s my gift to myself. I detest putting it away. 
  • We got a nice surprise in the way of a fat deposit from Hub’s work, by way of a bonus we didn’t know about, which is awesome because as a full commission salesman, this month was going to be TIGHT 🙂 Yay for manifesting and abundance thinking, and the teachings of Florence Shinn! I literally have been praying for extra money that comes in miraculous and unexpected ways, and BAM! Gotta love serendipity. 
  • We are finally, finally building a fence this weekend, and then I can build my raised beds. It’s almost lettuce time, bitches! Nothing like picking your own salads. My kids love that shit.
  • I have several clients this week. Yay for more money!
  • I REALLY need to work on my cookbook. For reals. Like now. 
  • Which means I still need to register a business name, and I still haven’t picked one. I need to encompass my writing, the things I love and am about, and my life coaching. I got nothin’. 
  • Okay, off to feed my donkeys! Kisses!

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