I don’t usually do these, but I have a second, and Mamamusement tagged me, and I like the questions, so…. Here goes!

11 questions for you to answer

1. What’s an under-appreciated TV show or movie everyone should see?

Love and a .45. Ahh-MAZE-ing. 

2. What’s something that always makes you smile when you see it?

My Sugar Biscuit when he first wakes up and comes toddling into the kitchen.

3. What is your favorite breakfast food?

Dutch Babies with extra lemon juice.

4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes.

They are cowboy boots and are red. Enough said.

5. Does your car have a name? What is it?

No, my Mini Countryman was named DeLores. Now I have a dumb grownup car and it’s too boring for a name.

6. Which mythical creature would you prefer be real: dragons or unicorns?

I think I’d prefer a cross- the Dragicorn!

7. What’s your most embarrassing summer memory?

The time I thought a matching bra and panty set would look just fine as a swimsuit. That was a bad choice.

8. What’s the last book you read from start to finish? 

The Definitive Donkey: A Handbook on the Modern Ass. Yes, really.

9. What toy from your childhood do you still wish you had?

My stuffed Mousie.

10. Sunset or sunrise?


11. What’s your most irrational fear?

Becoming a young widow.

*I know I’m supposed to make a new set of eleven questions, but I’m doing good to answer these. Sorry I’m a loser.